Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Embracing advances in care

Advances in medicine and technology are constantly developing. New research in both fields leads to new ways of doing things, saving lives and providing better care. If a new solution can make a difference, embrace it and keep moving forward. Many things can be fixed and lives can be saved, that would have been impossible even 10 years ago.

Announcing the birth or your baby via text message became a common practice, sending a picture as an MMS followed, now we have live video streaming available using Look@MyBaby to announce and share your new family member. This not only lets everyone feel involved and see the baby, but also gives mum the time she needs to recover and bond with her new baby in hospital, without a constant stream of visitors. Children can immediately see their new brother or sister, without having to be at the hospital.

A Look@MyBaby virtual visit

If your baby is in the special care nursery or NICU, you already know how advances in medical care have helped your baby. Every small step and milestone they take is a result of research and development. When you're separated from your baby, expressing can be hard. Looking at a picture can help let down, but being able to see your baby anytime you need to via  Look@MyBaby can be an enormous help.

Moving with these advances can help patient care and peace of mind. Midwives have adopted Look@MyBaby as a way of communicating with families leaving their baby in SCN. A note can tell mum and dad how the baby is going, where they are, and if they need anything, without having to make a call to the midwives before going to the hospital.

Knowing your baby is only a click away can be very reassuring to a new mum and dad, who don't want to leave their baby at the hospital when they go home. Grandparents and other family members, who may not be allowed in SCN or NICU, get to see the baby get stronger and have a better understanding of what the parents are going through.

Make the most out of resources that are available to you through your participating hospital. They are there to provide you and your family with the best care and peace of mind. To book your exclusive Look@MyBaby camera cot go to

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