Sunday, April 21, 2013

Making a difference

This week has seen unimaginable tragedy, in Boston and around the world. Through the tragedy and grief, stories of hope and people helping each other emerge.

We want to hear your stories of hope, inspiration and people who have helped, or are helping you. Midwives, volunteers, doctors, someone who made a difference to you, your baby, or family when you needed them.

We want to recognise the work, or help these people provide. Something they may do everyday, or without thinking about it, that made a difference to you. It could be something as simple as someone sitting with you or you baby if you needed a break, someone looking after your older child when you were in hospital, or the doctors and midwives who save lives everyday. We want to hear about it.

We see some of the amazing work in our partner hospitals, NICU and Special Care Nurseries, that takes place everyday. This week we want to recognise the good and thank those people who have helped us. Please share your stories and photos on our Facebook Page.

To all the midwives, doctors, staff and volunteers at our partner hospitals, thank you for the difference you make everyday.

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