Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Emma and Eden

Emma Ansell recently used Look@MyBaby for the birth of her daughter, Eden, at Geelong Hospital. Being away from Eden's father, Look@MyBaby helped him feel not so far away.

Thanks to Look@MyBaby I was able to share the first few days of my beautiful daughter Eden with her father who lives in WA, whilst we are in Victoria. Her dad would text and say 'Poke her, she's not moving :)' and was also able share the link with our friends that live over in Western Australia. 

It was so easy, I called Look@MyBaby and I had the text and email before I hung up. I was able to watch Eden instantly. The actual camera was fairly small and non invasive too which was great when I was getting up to her in the middle of the night, it never got in the way.

It was also fantastic to share with my family that live both interstate like my sister and Aunty, and just around the corner, my sister in law was very excited to show Eden off to her work mates via the link on her phone. Look@MyBaby really helped with my situation and I would recommend it to everyone. Thanks. 

Thanks of your email Emma.

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