Saturday, November 10, 2012

Peace of Mind with Look@MyBaby

I am so grateful for Look@MyBaby for providing a service that was just priceless to us. For such a small cost, the help, joy and peace of mind that was provided was outstanding.

My son Jordan was born 6weeks early at 34weeks. It was a completely surprise and although he was fine, he was admitted to the Special Care Nursery at Prince of Wales Private for feeding. Jordan was there for 3 weeks, and I was in hospital for a week, so when I had to go home I didn't have to endure the trauma that most mothers of premmies have to go through leaving their little ones behind. I was able to log in from home at any time and check on my baby. This was especially helpful during the three hourly milk expressions as it stimulated let down and helped produce the milk my baby sorely needed.

And for family and friends, it was also hugely beneficial. Because my son was in special care, family and friends were unable to come in and see him for fear of spreading any contagions, so for them to be able to just log in on their phones, computers and iPads was just such a huge weight off my mind! And for them it was so emotional to be able to see Jordie moving around. I even started getting phone calls letting me know when he had gotten his hand out of his wrap, or had dropped his dummy!

An absolutely essential service for such a small price! I am so grateful that Look@MyBaby was around when I had my son!
Josie (9 years) and Jordan at 10 months

Thank you Marianna and family for sharing your story.

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