Friday, September 21, 2012

Stella, King Edward Memorial Hospital NICU

My baby girl arrived into the world far too early at 22 weeks 5 days on March 19th 2012.  It was touch and go for a long time and she was in the NICU at King Edward Memorial Hospital for 5 months in total before we brought her home.

My husband Robert and I wanted our immediate family to be able to see our newest family member but as Parents and Grandparents were the only ones allowed in the nursery, so we didn't think it was going to be possible.  Thank goodness that one of the midwives suggested we contact Look@MyBaby and set it up the service so that we could arrange for our family to come and visit with Stella via the Hospital's online viewing room.  It was so easy to set up over the phone... I even remember the lovely Kristen was the one who set it up for us.  She gave me her mobile and told me to contact her anytime I wanted to book the service.

Stella with Mum's wedding ring on her arm
Stella now

The day finally came when we could gather my family to come in and see Stella on the big screen!  Photos were great but they weren't the real live thing!  My family members went in to the viewing room in groups of 4 and were able to see our darling baby girl.  We were all so impressed with this service, and it gave everyone a sense of being closer to her.

In short the Look@MyBaby service meant more than words can say to us, because we didn't know our baby girl was going to survive.  It was so good to be able to share part of our journey with our closest family members.

Thank you King Edward Memorial Hospital for making the service available for your NICU families and for letting me share my story.

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