Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Story from Prince of Wales Private

The Look@MyBaby service made a huge difference to us and our family during a very difficult time.

Our son Toby was born 6 weeks premature and was in special care at Prince of Wales Private in Randwick, Sydney for 5 weeks. This was an extremely anxious 5 weeks, with a number of complications, setbacks and nervous moments. During this time my husband was required to return to work so it was invaluable for him to be able to connect throughout the day to see that Toby was OK. He even had a separate "Tobycam" monitor installed on his desk at work.

It was also a huge benefit for both our families, in particular for my parents and family who are based on the other side of the country in Perth. Our families quickly got to know Toby's daily schedule and would connect at specific times during the day to watch Toby waking, being changed and (with the help of Mum) waving to the camera. We would also put little messages under the camera to comment special moments or moods.

It is emotionally challenging for parents to go home from the hospital without their precious newborn, but this service ensured we were never far away and always able to check in and see how he was.

Toby in POWP Special Care Nursery
Everyday for those five weeks, the last thing we did before going to bed was to connect and check that he was sleeping
soundly and wish him good night. Then first thing every  morning we would connect again to see how he was. The Look@MyBaby service is a fantastic use of technology and for us it was a way of bringing the entire extended family into the special care nursery, no matter where they were located.

We would not hesitate to recommend this service to anyone in a similar situation.

Thanks Mat and Natalie Myers for sharing your story.

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