Monday, September 10, 2012

A Letter from Knox Family

Angus' father had to fly overseas the same afternoon our son, Jack was born and the camera was invaluable as he was still able to share those first few days with us. My relatives in SA, QLD and WA all loved the service. We found that many were online watching as we often received messages asking where he was which is why I have included a photo of the iPad that we placed in the cot with different status updates to stop the “where is he?” messages! :)

This is such a great concept and it really does help extended family and friends to be part of the excitement. I have been recommending this service to all who will listen and look forward to using it again sometime in the future should our family grow.

Our experience with the Look@MyBaby team, especially Kellie, was wonderful. As new parents it was wonderful to be able to enjoy our time at Knox Private Hospital with fewer visitors as they could watch Jack any time.
Thanks again to Look@MyBaby for allowing us to be part of the service during our stay at Knox Private Hospital.

Kind Regards,
Tanya, Angus & Jack.

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