Sunday, July 8, 2012

A letter from the Cody's

Look@MyBaby... what can I say, I dont know how to express my feelings on my experience with this product. I guess I can start with amazing and breath taking and heart warming.

I wasn't completely sold on the idea when I first heard of it, but I dont know how I managed in hospital WITHOUT it. I found myself - although sitting right next to my little man - checking the image online all day just to make sure it was centered at not missing out on a single moment.
Kim, Chris and Baby Ryder

It felt like a little piece of magic knowing our family could see our baby boy in real time in his perfect state just as he is. 

My father in law text me one day to ask why he couldn't see the baby as he was trying to share his proud Poppy moment with his work collegues and was so worried that the cot was empty.... From that point I knew to leave a note for our 'viewers' when ever Ryder had 'gone out'. 

My parents dont live near by and it was lovely knowing they weren't going to miss out on meeting their new grandson before they would get to meet him. Even my aunty in  Queensland got meet him before we came home!! 

Every time Ryder would move I would get calls or text messages saying that someone had been brought to tears being able to see him move.

When my husband was home with our little girl she would ask where Mummy and baby were. She is too young to understand we were in hospital and home soon, so Chris would jump on the computer every night so she could see her baby brother. Chris would ring me so I could speak to her and wave on the camera to her. This was a great way for our little girl to be introduced to her little brother as it was difficult to get her into hospital.

Most nights Chris would stare at Ryder in bed on his phone just to see his little man, and when our little girl would wake through the night missing her Mummy and baby, Chris would comfort her by showing her that Ryder wasn't far away on his phone. They would fall asleep watching Ryder sleep :) This would have to be our most precious moment with Look@MyBaby.

I wish I had Look@MyBaby with my first baby, my heart broke when I had to leave her in hospital even for just 24hrs. I felt so empty not being able to see her and watch her sleep.

Look@MyBaby was a lifeline, a connection to that little life who has completely stolen your heart.

I have 2 friends about to have  babies and am already singing Look@MyBaby's praises to them so if I cant get to hospital to see their baby.... Look@MyBaby will show me!

Thank you for connecting my family to my baby :)  


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