Monday, July 23, 2012

A family from St John of God Murdoch

A virtual welcome for Giselle
LAMBWe recently had our 3rd child at St. John of God Hospital Murdoch. Look@MyBaby was a new service that wasn't available when we had our first 2 children, so we jumped at the chance to use it this time around.
Our children are all very young, our son Liam was just over 3 and our daughter Amelie was 20 months, when our littlest, Giselle arrived. So getting to the hospital to visit was not an easy task for my husband.
Getting to see little Giselle with just a quick click on a link from his phone, anytime of the day or night, was a godsend. Liam and Amelie adored her from first sight, so getting to see her and kiss her goodnight via the camera kept them happy until they could see her again and have her home.
We also had family and friends interstate and overseas, who loved that they could see our beautiful girl within hours of her birth. Seeing her moving via the camera was amazing compared to seeing just still photos.
Being a winter baby and with lots of cold and flu germs about, the camera allowed our friends and family (who didn't want to pass on illness) an opportunity to see her when she was first born, which was wonderful.
For the small cost and the extreme ease of organising it all, I cannot recommend Look@MyBaby enough. It gave people a chance to meet our beautiful little princess who may not otherwise get the chance to until weeks after her birth, if ever.
We are so proud of our beautiful family and getting to share Giselle with those who mean the most to us was truly incredible, so thank you Look@MyBaby.

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