Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hobart Private Hospital Visit

Look@MyBaby in action in SCN
On a cold, wet day in Hobart I went to visit the maternity department at Hobart Private Hospital. All the midwives were lovely, helping me locate everything I needed to upgrade the hospital to Telstra 4G and set up twins in the Special Care Nursery.

Kate taking one twin's temperature
The 4G upgrade went very well and I had time to have a good look around the hospital. It was obvious, Look@MyBaby is big part of the maternity experience.

You can even plug your Look@MyBaby camera cot in while relaxing, or taking a break, in the lounge area.

Midwives Kate and Carol were great. Kate helped me hunt down some extra cameras and equipment while still looking after the babies and families in her care, thanks Kate.

There were some lovely families in the SCN and it was great to see them all supportive of each other. One mum even telling me not to be so gentle near the cot, her son needed to wake up for a feed.

Mum Brooke with Look@MyBaby on iPad

Thanks to everyone at Hobart Private for such a great visit. We will be sending more camera cots down to keep up with hospital demand. See you again soon.

To book your Look@MyBaby camera cot at Hobart Private, go to our website. Look@MyBaby- Hobart Private

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