Sunday, March 11, 2012

Look@MyBaby available in SCN at Knox Private

After testing Internet connectivity for a couple of weeks at Knox Private Hospital, it's been a known blackspot, we took out a Look@MyBaby camera to see how it goes in the Special Care Nursery.

Zac checking signal in waiting area
With good help hard to find on a long weekend in Melbourne, I took in my 7 year old son. He set himself up in the waiting area with an iPad and tested the experience for me, while I tried to find the best place for the Telstra 4G stick powering the Look@MyBaby solution. 

There were a few families in the Special Care Nursery and I only had one camera cot.  The first mum I spoke to wanted to experience Look@MyBaby of course and we set it up on her son's cot straight away.  I'll be back out to Knox with some more camera cots ASAP so we can help out more families.

Our very first SCN baby at Knox Private

Of all the things I do for Look@MyBaby, I must say that helping families with babies in SCN is the most rewarding. I am often told how it eases the stress of separation when it's time for mum to leave hospital and the baby has to stay in. It helps with bonding and the let down reflex when trying to express at home, and with siblings and other family and friends often not allowed in the SCN at all, Look@MyBaby offers the next best thing to being there. 

We also plan to have the whole postnatal ward at the hospital set up with Look@MyBaby by July this year.

Midwife Belinda shows us the view from camera cot on the iPad

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