Friday, February 17, 2012

Mercy Mount Lawley

We are continuing our national upgrade of hospitals to the new Telstra 4G network and what a wonderful difference it is making to new families!

This week we headed to Perth to upgrade Mercy Private Hospital Mount Lawley to 4G and also our third generation engineered Camera Cots. The midwives were amazing, making an office available for me to make a mess in, taking cameras off arms and putting on new ones and finding a spare room for us to test all the cameras.

Midwives Catherine, Linda and Marianne, New mum and
 Grandma Esther and Corinna, baby Madeline and me with 4G stick.
I met the families using Look@MyBaby. They were enjoying the time in hospital without the constant interruption of visitors and the flexibility of being able to unplug the camera and reconnect elsewhere, bringing their babies back online for their families to keep sharing the experience. The hospital have a great rule of no carrying babies around the hospital, I found out exactly why they have this rule when I ran into Catherine coming around the corner from the other direction.

With the camera arms all updated it was time to take the system offline for the planned 4G upgrade. Sincere apologies to families who couldn't log in during this time, but wow! Don't babies look better in 4G! Some of the families had a bit of fun making some cot notes to let their friends and family know. 

The upgrade took a bit longer than expected -always surprises with an IT upgrade - and all the staff made me feel welcome and did whatever they could to help. It was a day where, if it could go wrong, it would and did. Flying Tiger Airways was probably my first mistake.

Madeline and her dad Brett having a well earned rest
It was great to finally see baby Madeline moving around in her cot when we checked her camera after the upgrade. Upgrading to 4G is hard work when you're only 2 days old!
Rose at the maternity desk

A big thank you to Sharon and her team, allowing me access everywhere I needed to get to for the upgrade, helping me with things I couldn't find and understanding that it took a little longer than planned. With only one day in Perth, we want to provide the best solution so our Look@MyBaby families can enjoy the benefits of Look@MyBaby in the best quality we can provide. Thanks everyone. 

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