Monday, February 27, 2012

Behind the scenes at Katrina Christ shoot

I first came across Katrina Christ Photography when my niece had photos done in Queensland eight years ago. When I saw they opened in Melbourne, we had family photos done. They have an unmistakable style that is Katrina Christ.

Visiting hospitals throughout Australia, the Look@MyBaby team were constantly seeing this unique style in hallways and everyone at L@MB thought we would be a good fit with Katrina Christ.

Nami has been fantastic organising our shoot and understanding our need to combine their style with the promotion of Look@MyBaby to families in hospital.

Natasha, Summer and Sue
Natasha was our photographer today and took in all our suggestions.  She knew when to quickly get photos and when to give baby Summer a break.  Everything she did was done gently to ensure the shoot was no trouble for Summer who was a perfect model baby, taking instructions - or sleeping. 

We are thrilled to have baby Summer and mum Sue onboard as new faces for Look@MyBaby.  A new child star is born for us.  From Olive to Ford, then Scarlet and Edie - now Summer!  Thank you so much for your time today, we absolutely understand how hard is is to get out of the house with a newborn, let alone have a photoshoot.

Without giving too much of away, here are some behind the scene shots. We can't wait to see the finished photos.
Kristen trying to get Summer's attention and mum Sue

Natasha getting a different angle
Natasha, Kellie and Sue around Summer

Sue, Summer, Kristen and Natasha
 We would also like to give a huge thank you to Nami, Natasha and everyone at Katrina Christ for making today's shoot possible.

We are proud to be partnering with Katrina Christ Photography and thanks to Katrina Christ we will be offering our Look@MyBaby families a voucher for a pregnancy photoshoot when they book and pay for their Look@MyBaby subscription before going to hospital.

Katrina Christ website

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  1. Photography is a rewarding and fun profession to be in. My sister was into photography for a good while during college. She would take pictures in weddings, graduations, and new born babies. She enjoyed her time and it helped her pay for school. Keep up the great work.