Monday, December 12, 2011

Better than postcards home

Two years ago, Lena married her Australian boyfriend and moved from Russia to be with him in Australia. She was thrilled when she found out she was pregnant, but missed her family, especially her mother, so much more.

Her mother was due to come to Australia for the birth, but Lena went into labour 2 months early, baby Ella was born at 28 weeks, and had to go to the special care unit.

This can be isolating and overwhelming for every parent, but even more so when English is not your first language, and medical terms aren't something you hear every day and are often difficult to translate. 

Lena set up Look@MyBaby to share Ella with the rest of her family. It wasn't like a Skype call where Lena had to be available to talk, the family just logged in to see Ella whenever they liked. 

Lena said her family would watch the computer instead of the TV. She even put some notes in the cot for them and didn't feel so far away when she could write something in Russian.

Her husband's family loved it too. They were close enough to be able to come and visit, but due to the length of time Ella had to stay in hospital, the risk of infection and limited visiting hours it was easier for everyone to watch Ella on Look@MyBaby.

Today the whole family is doing well. Ella is home with her Mum, Dad and Baba (Grandma). The extended family miss watching the "Ella Show", but everyone is glad she is home and much better.

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