Monday, May 16, 2011

So Much Wind.

Have you got that person in your life who is never wrong? They know everything about every subject, no matter how obscure or completely not their business. Luckily mine is my Mother-In-Law. She is always at the other end of the phone if I need to know about breastfeeding, nappy changing, or what polar bears eat in the North Pole. And there is never, ever any point to disagree with her opinion.

The latest discussion is whether my daughter is really smiling, or is it just wind. She is not the doting Grandmother type that thinks every little movement is a smile, she is totally opposite. Miss 5 weeks old is just starting to move her face around. You can see the muscles starting to work and she is trying to copy facial expressions. And we have definitely seen smiles.

It was one of these smiles over the weekend that caused the wind/ smile discussion. Miss 5 weeks moved her facial muscles around before coming out with a big open mouth smile. It was beautiful and I was very excited and turned her around to show her Grandmother. "She's just windy, give her to me to get the wind out." I reluctantly handed her over, remember no point arguing.

I'm sure there is no need to tell you there were no smiles with Grandma. She then handed her to my husband who did the face that always makes her smile, and she did. He gave me that knowing look, I had to leave the room so I didn't laugh or say "See, told you so."

After Mother-In-Law left I did a google search on how old babies are before they smile. Most sites confirmed between 4-6 weeks of age, they also said it may even be as early as 2 weeks old, but some people dismiss as gas. I thought 'would it be wrong to copy, paste and email this to my MIL?' I decided not to and husband had a better idea, after we had used Look@MyBaby in hospital.

We put our video camera (a gift from MIL) over her cot and spoke to her, did the expressions she loved and made her smile and she performed beautifully. We then sent the clip to MIL as an email. I think as a parent you can tell when your baby smiles and reacts to you. 

MIL is very happy and showing this email of her "beautiful smiling grand daughter" to her friends and other family members. There has been no mention of wind or gas since.

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