Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What's in a name?

How did you choose your child's name?

I found out at around 20 weeks I was having a boy, from then on whenever I thought of a name I liked, or heard one, I wrote it down. By the time I was eight months pregnant, the list was huge. I cut it down to about 20 that I still liked and then my husband picked the list apart.

No celebrity baby names, no place names, nothing Posh had called her children, etc. I think there were only 3 names left by the time he got through. After all I had made a deal he could name it if it was a boy and I could name it if it was a girl.

I put it away and used it as a bookmark when I went to hospital, the only time the book was opened was to look at the list.

A name is so important, I didn't want to get it wrong. Some names are really cute kids names, but you can't imagine an adult with them. And you don't want to give a child an adult's name. Did you think about what they'll grow up to be and what would suit sitting in a boardroom or dance studio?

So much of my time in hospital was spent thinking of names. That all went out the window several hours into labour, 2 epidurals, gas and other drugs along the way. My perfect names that would suit a baby and an adult, the any profession names, the well thought out names were gone when I heard the lady next door's new baby.

In my state, the baby sounded like a cat, loud crying meows were all I heard. I had a brilliant idea for a name thanks to the kitten next door.... Simba. And it stuck. For the rest of the labour I was convinced it was a great name. Everyone that I told burst out laughing and my husband was not going to have a son named after a cartoon lion.

When my son finally arrived, my husband saw him and named him. My son laughs at the story and is so glad I'm not the one who named him. His name wasn't actually on my list, but is the perfect name for him.

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