Thursday, April 28, 2011

Not So Easy

During the week I have had the pleasure of looking after my friend's newborn. You would think this would be easy enough for someone who has had a child, but there's a lot you forget, things have changed and Bonds Easysuits were not invented yet.

All was going well until I had to change the baby's nappy. You forget just how small and helpless they are. I changed the nappy fine and was just putting her leggings back on when I realised the nappy needed changing again. (I vividly remember this happening over and over one day with my son as a newborn.)

This time when I took the nappy off, I didn't get a new one on fast enough and wee went all over her clothes and up her back. Joy. Time for a quick bath and new nappy before trying to find something that fit her.

I went to her wardrobe and pulled out a Bonds Easysuit, thinking it looked comfortable and I didn't have to look for tops and bottoms. Bonds should seriously rename this suit. I got her half in it and couldn't get the rest of it on, so I took it off, put the other half in and tried to fold her into this suit. I gave up and left her legs in it and found her a top to wear.

We did okay with this outfit until she had some milk overflow. Then it was off to the wardrobe again. 

Everything I pulled out was too big and still had the tags on and finally came across a Bonds Wondersuit. Yay, this was something I could do and can remember doing hundreds of times before. Too bad the suit wasn't all the way on before some more overflow.

I kept thinking to myself, if anyone was watching this they would be cracking up. I felt like Mr Mom!

Braving the wardrobe for the last time I found an outfit I loved, but the thought of trying to get on 3 different items (top, leggings and soft dress) made me put it back and look for something else all-in-one.

My friend arrived home to find her daughter in an oversized jumpsuit,  but still warm, clean and happy. I told her about the Easysuit and she burst out laughing, she hasn't been able to get it on either and wondered if you're meant to buy a bigger size.

I left, feeling less useless and still laughing. Newborns aren't the easiest people to dress and if you're having trouble, you can bet others are too.

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