Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Stella's Story, Practical Parenting Magazine

In September 2012 we received a lovely Blog story from a family using Look@MyBaby at the King Edward Memorial Hospital in Perth, WA.

Their story has now been reported in the July edition of Practical Parenting!

"They said Stella wouldn't make it".

Stella - one the day after she was born with Mum's ring around her arm .

You can read Stella's original story here, "Stella, King Edward Memorial Hospital NICU".

A big thank you to Practical Parenting Magazine.

As always, Debbie and the team at King Edward Memorial Hospital do an amazing job and we are proud to be part of the support and services in place at the hospital for NICU and special care families.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Look@MyBaby Concierge

The best thing about our job is sharing in the best days of your lives. Most people will tell you that the best day of their life was the day their children were born. The call we receive from an ecstatic dad, or a proud mum, is priceless. We hear their joy and share in their miracle.

We often hear all about the birth, how beautiful the baby is, what the grandparents think and where they are, and how everyone is waiting to see the baby online. We feel the excitement, joy and urgency to share you newborn with your friends and family. There are even times we hear from your family and friends, either through a call, Facebook, or Twitter message.

Leading up to the birth of your baby, you will have no doubt been given advice on preparing for the birth, what to take to hospital, and what to do when you get home. Sometimes this can be a bit overwhelming, especially for first time mums.

The Cody family sharing their new miracle, Ryder
So many mums we speak to say they have pregnancy brain and forget if they have booked Look@MyBaby and when they have booked the service for. We are here to help make things easier for you. If you have booked and paid for Look@MyBaby anytime during your pregnancy, your booking is flexible because we know babies never really arrive on time. Your payment has secured your exclusive camera cot and it is one less thing to worry about.

If you decide you want to book Look@MyBaby at the last minute from your hospital bed, we are here to help. Give us a call on 1300 526 222, or go online

No matter what language people speak or where they are in the world, when a child is born it is always a miracle. We love sharing in your miracles every day.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Embracing advances in care

Advances in medicine and technology are constantly developing. New research in both fields leads to new ways of doing things, saving lives and providing better care. If a new solution can make a difference, embrace it and keep moving forward. Many things can be fixed and lives can be saved, that would have been impossible even 10 years ago.

Announcing the birth or your baby via text message became a common practice, sending a picture as an MMS followed, now we have live video streaming available using Look@MyBaby to announce and share your new family member. This not only lets everyone feel involved and see the baby, but also gives mum the time she needs to recover and bond with her new baby in hospital, without a constant stream of visitors. Children can immediately see their new brother or sister, without having to be at the hospital.

A Look@MyBaby virtual visit

If your baby is in the special care nursery or NICU, you already know how advances in medical care have helped your baby. Every small step and milestone they take is a result of research and development. When you're separated from your baby, expressing can be hard. Looking at a picture can help let down, but being able to see your baby anytime you need to via  Look@MyBaby can be an enormous help.

Moving with these advances can help patient care and peace of mind. Midwives have adopted Look@MyBaby as a way of communicating with families leaving their baby in SCN. A note can tell mum and dad how the baby is going, where they are, and if they need anything, without having to make a call to the midwives before going to the hospital.

Knowing your baby is only a click away can be very reassuring to a new mum and dad, who don't want to leave their baby at the hospital when they go home. Grandparents and other family members, who may not be allowed in SCN or NICU, get to see the baby get stronger and have a better understanding of what the parents are going through.

Make the most out of resources that are available to you through your participating hospital. They are there to provide you and your family with the best care and peace of mind. To book your exclusive Look@MyBaby camera cot go to

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

We love Mother's Day at Look@MyBaby. Not only are we mums, but we speak to new mums everyday. There is nothing in the world that compares to being a mum.

This year we have a very special Mother's Day offer. When you make a Look@MyBaby booking anytime between now and Mother's Day, we will upgrade you to our premium pack, a free video keepsake worth $100. This offer is only available on our Facebook Page.

If you, or someone you know is pregnant, this would be the perfect Mother's Day gift. Give a gift that helps a new mum share her baby with friends and family all over the world, and a recording she can cherish forever.

Messages from some new mums.

We were fortunate enough to have Look at My Baby after the birth of our gorgeous daughter Dylan Marie. Being from an incredibly supportive and loving family, we found the concept of them being able to log in and see Dylan in her crib live, a wonderful experience. We had interstate and overseas family who were able to log in and watch Dylan sleep or interact in the first hours of her being here. They were able to leave messages on the online guest book for Dylan and we will cherish those forever.

We used Look@MyBaby when we recently had our daughter at the Mater in Townsville. Having just moved to Townsville from our home town, it was a great way to let family and friends "visit" bub in hospital since they couldn't come up. It was also great for Dad and the other kids at home to see the new addition whenever they wanted. All it took to set up was a phone call and we were live. Thanks for the fast and efficient service.....we all loved it.

Just wanted to say what a fantastic service you have we thoroughly enjoyed the experience!!! Having a lot of family overseas has meant that everyone has been able to share a cuddle with our beautiful baby daughter even if they couldn't be here in the flesh!!

To celebrate Mother's Day, the first mum to activate her Look@MyBaby service on Sunday 12th May 2013, will receive a rose quartz pendant from Rose Quartz Company, rose quartz is a semi-precious gemstone and the universal stone of love.

From everyone at Look@MyBaby, we would like to wish you all a Happy Mother's Day.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Making a difference

This week has seen unimaginable tragedy, in Boston and around the world. Through the tragedy and grief, stories of hope and people helping each other emerge.

We want to hear your stories of hope, inspiration and people who have helped, or are helping you. Midwives, volunteers, doctors, someone who made a difference to you, your baby, or family when you needed them.

We want to recognise the work, or help these people provide. Something they may do everyday, or without thinking about it, that made a difference to you. It could be something as simple as someone sitting with you or you baby if you needed a break, someone looking after your older child when you were in hospital, or the doctors and midwives who save lives everyday. We want to hear about it.

We see some of the amazing work in our partner hospitals, NICU and Special Care Nurseries, that takes place everyday. This week we want to recognise the good and thank those people who have helped us. Please share your stories and photos on our Facebook Page.

To all the midwives, doctors, staff and volunteers at our partner hospitals, thank you for the difference you make everyday.